tScheme Recognised Assessors

The following assessor organisations in the UK are fully accredited by UKAS for the preparation of Assessment Reports supporting TSPs applying for tScheme approval for their service(s).

The following assessor organisations in the UK, are fully accredited:

KPMG Audit Plc
1 Trinity Park, 1 The Embankment
Bickenhill Lane, Neville Street
Birmingham, Leeds
B37 7ES LS1 4DW
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Contact Name: Rob Acker Contact Name: Lee Newcombe Ph.D
Email: rob.acker@lrqa.com Email: Lee.Newcombe@KPMG.co.uk
Direct Line: +44 (0)330 414 1460 Direct Line: +44 (0)113 231 3629
  Mob: +44 (0)7468 711307 (preferred)

From time to time other assessment bodies express an interest in gaining accreditation for the performance of tScheme assessments. Please contact tScheme for details of any assessment bodies currently planning to embark upon the accreditation process, during which they may seek ‘pre-recognition’ by tScheme for the conduct of certain types of assessment.

International Approvals

tScheme intends over time to establish arrangements with other suitable accreditation bodies to apply the accreditation process used to accredit tScheme assessors and so to enlarge the number of tScheme-recognised Assessors, both in Europe and globally. It is also possible for assessor organisations based outside the UK to seek UKAS accreditation, if appropriate.

tScheme reviews all applications for service approval to ensure that the supporting Assessment Report has been prepared by a currently recognised assessor with appropriate accreditation.

This information is also contained in tSi0101 - Preparing for Assessment, a copy of which can be found in the library.